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Tips to Get a Good Costume Fit

Getting a good costume fit for your Spock costume or Star Trek blue uniform costume when you’re buying a costume online can be quite tricky. This article includes a number of tips to help you get the best costume fit possible.

Steps to Get a Good Costume Fit

A lot of people have had – or have heard of others who had – some difficulty getting a good fit to their Halloween costume when purchasing online. Because you can’t try it on before buying, be sure to take these steps to ensure a good costume fit.

  1. Pay attention to any comments made by the costume site regarding common fitting issues. If the costume seller recognizes a definitive sizing issue, they will often post a comment in the description indicating whether or not a good costume fit means ordering smaller or larger than “standard” sizing from sizing charts.
  2. Watch for comments by other buyers regarding their success with getting a good costume fit. If there is a trend towards the costume fitting too big or too small, you can use that to evaluate your own body measurements for a good fit.
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  4. In looking at sizing, consider the cut of the costume, whether it is aiming for a sleek look or seems to require a more traditional “body size.” You’ll find that some women’s costumes are cut to enhance a slim waist or might not fit right with smaller or larger than average hips or bust sizes. Some men’s costumes emphasize shoulders and chest features and may be tight across the abdomen for men with larger abdominal areas.
  5. Check for a solid return policy and customer service from the costume provider. BuyCostumes.com, for example, has a solid customer service department with a good return policy, and comments from buyers have demonstrated that if there are issues with getting a good costume fit for Spock costumes or Star Trek uniforms, they will take strong measures to work with you to get your order right.

What to Do If You Don’t Get a Good Costume Fit

So if you do your best in ordering, and you still have a costume that doesn’t fit just right, there are a few things you can do to overcome the problem.

  1. First and foremost, you can return the costume if there’s no chance of a better fit through these other methods. BuyCostumes.com will work with you on this and their customer service staff are genuinely helpful.
  2. If the issue is a long length of leg or an area that is just a little large for you, and you’re handy with a needle, some basic needlework to do a little nip, tuck, or hem should take care of this. If the costume is for a child who might be wearing it again or you might pass it on to another child, then don’t cut the extra length – just hem it up or tuck it in but leave the fabric alone so you can adjust it later for another fit.
  3. If you’ve just got a bit of gap somewhere, or a line of the costume that just doesn’t give you a good costume fit, then you could consider a bit of judicious padding. Sometimes a women with a smaller bust or hip can just put a little heavier clothing underneath to take up the slack, or wear thicker socks in shoes or boots. At Halloween time, this actually might be a bonus if the costume isn’t really warm on its own.
  4. If you aren’t handy with a needle and thread, and don’t know anyone else who is either, you can always do a temporary “fix” with special tape designed for temporary hemming or fitting. You can get the tape to use for hemming up pants, shortening sleeves, or taking in a bit of extra fabric in the torso, hips, or legs.
  5. Another side benefit of a bit of altering is that if the costume fabric is a little itchy inside at spots, when you do the alterations, you may very well be fixing the spot that causes the scratchy or itchy feeling.

So if your costume doesn’t fit just the way you want, there are steps you can take to fix it. Use these tips for your Halloween Spock costume or Star Trek blue uniform ordering to get a good costume fit.