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If you’re a Starfleet officer in the Medical or Science Divisions, you certainly can’t do your job without your trusty tricorder.

Check out the ones we’ve reviewed below. We’ve got everything from a basic Tricorder for TOS, TNG, or the latest movie, to a Collector’s Edition Medical Tricorder and a 1:1 Scale Replica The Original Series Medical Tricorder.

Whether you’re out to be Mr. Spock or one of his science division colleagues, or a Dr. McCoy or Dr. Crusher fan, these tricorders can finish out your uniform or Star Trek costume.

Since this is a Mr. Spock uniform site first and foremost, we’ve listed the science tricorders first, followed by the medical ones. For other options, check out the Amazon Tricorder Search page for others.

Star Trek Science Tricorders

Star Trek TOS Tricorder

Star Trek TOS Tricorder

This Diamond Select release of the Star Trek: TOS Tricorder follows up successful releases of both a phaser and a communicator. With a solid 4 out of 5 rating at Amazon, and almost all reviews with solid comments, this looks to be a good TOS Tricorder for your science division costume.

It features silver highlights over a black finish, and has working lights and sound effects. However, because of small parts and a choking hazard, this isn’t a toy for small children. In addition to the main body of the tricorder, it includes a removable scanner accessory to use as well.

Reviewers make it clear that this is NOT an expensive prop replica like the ones you can purchase for hundreds of dollars, so don’t expect a Master Replicas prop replica. However, it is very high quality for a “toy” or “costume” tricorder. Also, the picture doesn’t quite mirror reality. It looks like the marketing department grabbed an expensive prop replica to use in models.

Nevertheless, most buyers are happy with what you’re getting for the money. So if you’re going for a realistic and usable prop, but not after a serious prop replica, this TOS Tricorder should be a good buy for you.

Star Trek TNG Tricorder

Star Trek TNG Collector’s Edition Tricorder

This Star Trek: TNG Collector’s Edition Tricorder is a great find at a reasonable price. Each unit is individually numbered as an authentic collector’s piece.

The tricorder is a portable sensing, computing, and data communications device for TNG Science Officers. It includes 3 authentic sounds and a light-up display screen with data operations indicators that also light up. It comes with a belt clip. And for us real techno nerds, a technical blueprint is included.

One reviewer also helpfully pointed out that the batteries included are not for continued use. They are for demo only. You’ll want to put fully charged batteries in for your own use.

Reviews were solid 5s. Also, these are in extremely limited supply as they are the original actual toys from 1993 (which is why the price is so high).

Buyers also found this to be a durable toy, and one buyer has had one since 1995 and says it is still holding up just fine. So if you’d like to snag one of the last ones available, check this out now.

Star Trek 2009 Movie Tricorder

Star Trek 2009 Movie Tricorder

This Star Trek 2009 Movie Tricorder is certainly not prop replica quality. It is a toy, plain and simple.

If you need a costume quality toy for the right “look” and especially for kids, this should work and the price is right. However, if you’re a serious collector or a Trek fan who likes to really “play” with the toys, this won’t do. It won’t hold up.

So, with that in mind for expectations, this tricorder is a visual replica of actual Tricorder used in the 2009 Movie. Don’t blame the toy-makers if you think it looks a little cheesy close up, because I found the movie version to be a little lacking in “real style” in the first place.

Now, on to what it is:

  • It lights up and makes authentic Star Trek movie sounds
  • There are two buttons used to activate said lights and sounds
  • It has spring-loaded top and front door covers for some authenticity

Frankly, like the other reviewers, I think this is a great tricorder for a child, or if you need something to complete your costume and you want to save your “real” spending money for a really cool something else in replica-props land.

If you need a Star Trek Movie Tricorder this works. Just don’t expect miracles.

Star Trek Medical Tricorders

Star Trek Starfleet Medical Tricorder Collectors Series Edition

Starfleet Medical Tricorder Collectors Series Edition

This Collector’s Edition Starfleet Medical Tricorder makes a nice addition to your Starfleet Medical officer’s uniform.

It has some realistic lights and sounds for your Star Trek experience enjoyment. The pop-out medical scanner doesn’t make any noises or have lights, but it is a useful part of the tricorder anyway. It is in limited supply, with few purchases to go with the limited supply, but the reviews are solid 5 out of 5 reviews.

If you’re looking for a solid costume or uniform Medical Tricorder, then consider this one before it’s gone.

Diamond Select - Star Trek TOS Replica 1-1 Medical Tricorder

Diamond Select – Star Trek TOS Replica 1-1 Medical Tricorder

This Entertainment Earth Exclusive TOS Medical Tricorder is a great 1:1 Replica add-on to any Starfleet Medical officer’s toolkit.

It is a deluxe model that opens to reveal the detailed interior, and also includes a compartment with a removable scanner accessory with sounds and motion that you won’t find anywhere else!

The Tricorder functions include blinking lights, a spinning scanner, light-up elements, and an adjustable shoulder strap. All doors will also open and close.

Sounds make or break a working toy or prop replica, so that’s a big consideration here, at least for me. Another feature I really love is the 7 exclusive Dr. McCoy phrases that aren’t available in other medical tricorders, including these four:

  • ‘Shock, radiation burns… internal injuries for certain.’
  • ‘This is medically impossible!’
  • ‘He’s dead, Jim.’
  • And of course – ‘I’m a Doctor, not a brick layer!’

This tricorder got some pretty mixed reviews, but my take on what people are saying – based on my understanding of human nature (LOL) is that most of the disappointed folks seemed to feel it was not a “real” replica quality collectible like the ones worth hundreds and hundreds of bucks. Well, duh, guys. It’s definitely a step up from a TOY, but it isn’t a serious Collector’s Full Prop Replica of the type that you hide away in padlocked display cases and only bring out to show off to your friends!

If that’s what you’re after, you’ll want to save your money, because you’ll need to spend an awful lot more to get one of those. Still, it’s a big step up from your average toy, and perfectly usable and fun to haul along to Star Trek conventions or costume parties. It’s all a matter of perspective and expectation. Expect something good, but realize that the displayed picture is a tad too “perfect” for a collectible replica. And it is an excellent replica of the real thing, right down to the goofy noises like ones from TOS.

So, if you’re looking for a good TOS Medical Tricorder to USE, then try out this one. If you’re still concerned about the reviews, my advice is to read them through thoroughly, because I think you’ll pick up on the “feel” in a similar vein to what I did.

Can’t Find The Star Trek Tricorder You’re Looking For?

IF you can’t find the perfect Tricorder for your Star Trek uniform, I’ve got a couple of options for you:

  1. Go on over to our Contact Us page and let us know what you’re looking for, or what ways the current reviews don’t quite measure up. Maybe we can help you to find what you’re looking for.
  2. Try checking out our Advanced Amazon Tricorder Search Page to see if something else is available there that we haven’t reviewed.

If you find what you’re looking for, or even if you don’t, drop us a line on the contact page and let us know how happy you are – or aren’t – with your purchase. We can incorporate your feedback into the reviews, and if you’ve purchased an unreviewed Tricorder or Medical Tricorder, we can write a review that incorporates your experience!

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