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Star Trek The Next Generation Communicator Pin Set

If you’re looking for a Star Trek communicator or Communicator Pin from the Star Trek movies or various television series, we’ve got a great selection for you here.

We’ve also got some communicator and rank pip sets that you might find useful for tricking out your Star Trek uniform costume. Some of these items have been out of production for a while, so keep an eye on stock while making your choice on what to buy.

The more “costume-style” items are usually plentiful, but the prop replicas and collector-quality Star Trek accessories can have minimal stock available. I’d hate for you to miss out because a fellow fan snapped up the last one!

You might also check out our special section on Star Trek phasers and other weapons or the section on rank pips, prop replica badges, and other insignia. The Tricorders also might be of use.

If you’re having trouble finding what you need, check out our Contact Page and drop us a line with what you are looking for. We’ll see if we can help you find it from our extensive searches around the web.

Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) Communicators

Star Trek TOS Communicator

Star Trek TOS Communicator

This Star Trek: TOS Communicator from Diamond Select is an excellent replica for fans of The Original Series.

It features authentic sounds from the 1960s television series, and comes with a flip-open top. Because of the ever-present warning about choking hazards, it really isn’t designed for younger children, but some buyers have felt it no problem to allow their children to use it. Nevertheless, that’s up to you to decide.

While, for the price, you’d expect a cheaper plastic toy, a few buyers commented that it was in fact more metal than plastic and quite durable in both the metal and plastic construction. One buyer also felt that although it is “officially” a toy, it really comes off more like a prop replica. Another added that it compared favorably to even his Master Replicas prop replica communicator.

It comes in both the Standard version and the Exclusive version, but buyers of the Standard version who compared the features of the Exclusive one felt that you really didn’t get anything more special for the increased price.

Some buyers have given this communicator very poor ratings. The biggest complaint appears to be that the batteries have been on the shelf for quite a while and in some cases corroded and contaminated the battery compartment with corrosion.

It can often be cleaned up and batteries replaced, but if the corrosion is bad, you might want to verify the return policy just in case. Also, if you do decide to clean it up, don’t let your small kids in on it, because if that nasty battery acid gets in the eyes, it hurts like heck!

As I mentioned before, this Diamond Select communicator seems to be getting either hot or cold reviews from buyers. Most other unhappy folks commented on a broken product or seemed to have awfully high expectations for what is really billed as just a toy replica. I don’t know where you fall on that one, but my feeling is that it makes an excellent Star Trek toy replica.

Just don’t expect collectible prop replica quality for a toy price and you’ll probably come out on the high and happy side of surprised. And if you get a broken one, that’s why Amazon has a return policy – just double check this seller’s current reputation to make sure.

So if you’re looking for a quality Star Trek: TOS replica communicator, definitely check out this one.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) Communicators

Star Trek TNG Communicator and Rank Pips Set

Star Trek TNG Communicator and Rank Pips Set

One of the nice things about this ST:TNG Communicator and Full Rank Pips Set is the ability to get 2 for 1. Not only do you get the communicator, but a full set of rank pips from CWO through Captain using the combination of 4 gold pips and one black rank pip.

All items have high quality metal pins for the backing, and while they have heft, they aren’t too heavy for uniform shirts. They are constructed to the original full size worn in The Next Generation.

This is an official Paramount product line from 1997, and only distributed in Germany, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lot of these around anymore.

The sole rating for this particular product and seller was highly complimentary in terms of quality and wearability. He even wore his to his wedding, believe it or not.

If this communicator and rank pip set for TNG looks good, I’d jump on it quickly due to the low number in stock.


Star Trek Movie Style Communicators

Star Trek 2009 Movie Communicator

Star Trek 2009 Movie Communicator

This 2009 Movie version of the classic Star Trek communicator is a mixed bag of good and poor results from buyers.

While it is a durable and well-made toy (as long as you avoid children under 3 because of that darn choking hazard), the sounds are apparently the biggest disappointment. I’d have to agree. With only 2 voice phrases involved, it just doesn’t give you much “role play” ability. The heft and overall look seems to be positive with reviewers, but some commented quite strongly that the designers of the 2009 version just didn’t create as good a look and feel as the old Sixties-era designer did.

And while Playmates has created a decent toy to use, they don’t appear to be invested in it, maybe because they recognize the relatively limited nature of a basic toy replica communicator from a movie. Fans will like it, and for the price will buy it, but another movie comes along, another design comes along, and so on.

The price is right, and the construction is good for a toy. If you don’t mind the whole issue of the limited sounds, this would be a good visual prop replica for a costume or kids to play with. Check out this basic Star Trek: 2009 Movie communicator replica toy.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (DS9) Communicators

Star Trek Voyager DS9 Communicator Replica Pin

Star Trek Voyager / DS9 Communicator Replica Pin

This Star Trek Deep Space 9 and Voyager communicator pin is a combadge worth a solid look. It works well as a part of your uniform for the Star Trek: TNG movies, and the Star Trek: DS9 and Voyager series costume uniforms.

The communicator pin is a licensed Paramount product, and is a full-size exact scale replica of the communicator pin used for the Star Trek universe uniforms of that era.

It measures about 2 x 2 inches in size, and comes with the military backing pin to secure it in place. It is gold, with a silver center, and has a very nice look to it. IT is also constructed of solid metal and not plastic, so it has a good heft and isn’t flimsy.

One buyer complains that it isn’t an “exact” replica because it isn’t plastic. That seems petty to me that just because the TV costume creators used plastic for ease of costuming and budgets, it doesn’t mean that something that looks the same can’t be a replica. And even that buyer gave the combadge 5 stars and agreed that this replica is more “realistic” and agreed that the metal version is more in line with what the communicator pin would be if it was “real life.”

On a more specific note, all but 2 reviews were 5 star reviews, with one 4 who felt the colors were a little off. Only one really poor review and it came from a buyer about the seller in particular. He felt the item shipped was not the same version as in the picture, and apparently that person had been shipped a newer version of the communicator. The seller was willing to refund and allow a return, so if there are issues, I think it will work out okay.

Everyone else was quite happy with their purchase.

If you’re looking for a versatile communicator pin from the TNG / Voyager/ DS9 era, check out this combadge first.

Star Trek DS9 and Voyager Communicator Pin Set

Star Trek DS9 / Voyager Communicator Pin Set with Full Rank Pips

I really like the option to purchase a communicator pin along with the corresponding rank pips. You get a better overall look and more uniform flexibility. This Star Trek: Voyager and DS9 Communicator Pin and Full Rank Pips Set is an excellent option for you if that’s what you need.

The communicator pin and rank pips are made of a high-quality metal and balance well on your uniform. The rank pips included have the 4 gold pips and the one black pip necessary for the full rank insignia from Chief Warrant Officer up through Captain.

You can count on this combadge and rank pips set for authenticity. It is licensed as a Paramount production from 1997 and is the original size used in TNG, DS9, and Voyager.

It is also a relatively rare find in the US and many other countries because it was distributed only in Germany and can’t be difficult to track down these days. The seller, Filmworld USA, has an excellent reputation on Amazon to back up their products if you decide to purchase from them.

If you need a pin/pips set, this is an excellent one to check out. See the Star Trek: TNG / Voyager/ DS9 Communicator Pin and Rank Pip Set on Amazon today before the limited supply disappears.

Star Trek: Voyager Communicators

Star Trek TNG and Voyager Communicators and Rank Pin Set

A TNG Communicator, Voyager Communicator, and Rank Pin Set

I really like the looks of this set. As you know, I’m a fan of the combination communicators and rank pips. This Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager communicator set is the best of both worlds.

Not only do you get a communicator and rank pips. You get TWO communicators. One for The Next Generation and one for Voyager. You also get 4 gold rank pips to match. The only thing I don’t like about this set is that you don’t get the black rank pip to extend your rank insignia options.

This set is a licensed product, and the communicators and rank pips are full-size prop replicas. They come with the standard military clasps on the back and give a secure fit.

The seller is a solid Amazon seller with a high rating (4.8 out of 5 as of right now) with over 2,000 sales.

If this is the product you need for the perfect Starfleet uniform or Star Trek costume, give this TNG/Voyager communicator and rank pips set a look at Amazon soon as there are limited quantity available.

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