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Vulcan Wig for Spock Costumes

Find the perfect Vulcan Spock wig to accessorize your Mr. Spock costume. You can also use this wig to finish off a costume as another Vulcan since many are dark-haired and wear similar hair styles.

Best Spock Wig to Fit Your Costume

You have a choice of two different costume wig types. You can either choose the 2009 Star Trek Movie version or the Spock wig that fits with the Original Series Classic uniform.

Mr. Spock Wig for Movie Costumes

Star Trek Mr. Spock wig and ears in Movie style

This Vulcan wig for the 2009 Movie style is available in one-size-fits-most-adults, and has a solid 4 out of 5 stars ranking. It’s reasonably-priced and most of the reviews praised it highly in both quality and the general look and feel.

Only one person was particularly negative and stated it was because they had to gel the wig in a big spot so it would lay properly. A few others who praised it also indicated a bit of hair styling made it even better.

One thing that is critical for the best fit is to get a Wig Cap. It holds your hair in place out of the way and allows the wig to fit better. You can find one recommended on our costume accessories page.

Wig Care Tips: To care for your wig, avoid direct sunlight and hair dryers when storing it or cleaning it. You can use shampoo in a basin of lukewarm water to bathe the wig for 5-15 minutes and then rinse for 2-3 more. Dry the wig with a towel and let it finish drying naturally. Be sure not to wring it out or brush or comb it when it is wet.

If you want to compare prices or in-stock availability, you can also find it at Costume Kingdom, Spirit Halloween (a little more expensive), and HalloweenCostumes.com.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A+

Completeness Rating:  A+

Quality Rating:  A+

Vulcan Wig for Original Series Costumes


Star Trek Spock wig and ears in Classic style

New Lower Price: This Original Series Mr. Spock wig is designed with the classic style Star Trek costume in mind. It has received top reviews of 5 out of 5 for the ratings listed. Wig and ears are latex products (be careful if you are allergic to latex) that can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and the pointy ears with the wig are a nice touch. It is a one-size-fits-most-adults product.

A wig cap is strongly recommended for this version of wig as well.

Buyers were extremely happy with the quality and ease of use for this Mr. Spock wig.


Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A

Completeness Rating:  A-

Quality Rating:  A

Other Costume Accessories

In addition to your Spock wig, you may also wish to add other items to your costume order. You might consider a Starfleet standard issue phaser, Vulcan ears or Romulan ears, or some of these other uniform items besides this wig to round out your perfect costume for Halloween or Star Trek conventions.


Amazon.com has the best Vulcan wigs to complete your costume, so be sure to check out the options above for a classy Mr. Spock wig.