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Vulcan Ears for Your Spock Costume

If you’re looking for the perfect Vulcan ears for your Spock costume, you’ll find information on them here. Check out your options from Amazon.com and check out my thoughts on each item.

Find Perfect Ears for Vulcans or Romulans

You can use these add-on ears for a Spock costume, another Vulcan costume, or even a Romulan costume. There is also a set of “generic” pointy ears that could be used for women’s Vulcan ears if you don’t like the standard male-type. These Star Trek character ears really make your Halloween or Star Trek convention uniform stand apart.

Vulcan and Romulan Ears — 2009 Movie Style

Mr. Spock ears and Vulcan or Romulan ears from Star Trek movie

These Vulcan ears in the 2009 Star Trek movie style are nicely made and have received an average review of 4 out of 5 stars, with a couple of really happy and 1 bad one to pull things down. I’d read the reviews carefully to help you make a good decision based on people’s experiences. They are a little darker than the Classic Spock ears, which requires less work to blend them to your skin color. I like the shape a little better, too.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A-

Completeness Rating:  A

Quality Rating:  A-

Generic Female Vulcan or Romulan Ears

Star Trek female Vulcan ears or Romulan ears

These nifty female-style Vulcan or Romulan ears rank a solid 4 out of 5 and come in Small and Large sizes so they can work with Vulcan or Romulan costumes for kids and adults. They are latex ear tips and can work for certain styles for men and boys, too. The large ones are 3″ tall and the small ones are 2″ tall. You’ll also need to pick up some spirit gum for attachment.

Be sure that if you have latex allergies, you avoid these. For storage, you want to keep them out of extreme temperatures and sun.

Only one reviewer was under a 4, and that person’s issue was how tricky they were to apply without proper glue. So as long as you have the spirit gum, you’ll be fine. Here are some other tips for the best look:

  1. They are a little pale when they arrive, so if you can paint them or touch them up to match your complexion and ears, that will help them to fit in smoothly.
  2. Pick up some cheap foundation or coverup that is slightly darker than your skin. Use this with a little makeup to get a solid match to your ear and skin color.
  3. Apply a good base of the spirit gum to hold them in place. You will probably need to experiment a bit for the right balance.

You could also check out these ears as an alternative if you don’t like the ones above.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A

Completeness Rating:  A-

Quality Rating:  A+

Other Costume Accessories

In addition to your pointed ears, you may also wish to add other accessories for your costume. You might consider a Vulcan Spock wig, Starfleet standard issue phaser or Romulan disruptor, or some of these other uniform items besides Spock ears to round out your perfect costume for Halloween or uniform Star Trek conventions.


Amazon.com has the most authentic Vulcan or Romulan ears to complete your costume, so be sure to check out your options for Vulcan ears.