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Star Trek: Mr. Spock Costumes

Mr. Spock Costume for Boys

A Spock costume for boys is a great place to start for a Halloween costume for fans of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Vulcan first officer. Your child can be Starfleet’s first Vulcan officer ever when he wears a Halloween Spock uniform.

Finding a Spock Costume for Boys

Once you find the perfect Spock uniform for boys from the choices below, be sure to add Vulcan pointed ears and a Spock wig to finish off your uniform. You can also add a Starfleet phaser to complete your Halloween Spock costume design. Be sure to check out these Spock costume accessories.

Boy’s Spock Costume – Deluxe Movie Style

Mr. Spock costume for boys - Deluxe Movie style

Halloween Express has the deluxe Mr. Spock uniform for boys. It’s a great deal for a child’s costume. Boldly Go Where No Boy Has Gone Before with the perfect science officer or medical officer uniform shirt.

This deluxe child’s version is similar to other deluxe costumes for men and boys, and is more “all-inclusive” than many costumes, which are often only the costume shirt. It comes in Child’s Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14) sizes, and includes the blue uniform shirt with rank stripes, Starfleet emblem pin, and the black dickie. It also includes pants as well as Bootcovers for the shoes. You’ll have to add shoes or boots in black to finish things off, and maybe add a phaser for additional punch to the costume. Don’t forget to add Spock ears and a Mr. Spock wig to finish off your uniform.

One buyer mentioned that you can find a cheaper version of this type of costume but their experience was to stress exactly that — it is cheap. Quality was stressed over and over, and this costume is clearly more impressive-looking than the “non-Deluxe” versions you might find (and you don’t have to pay separately for pants).

You can also find this costume at Amazon.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A

Completeness Rating:  A- (boots and accessories)

Quality Rating:  A

Standard Mr. Spock Uniform for Boys – Movie Style

Mr. Spock costume for boys - Movie style

The standard Star Trek blue uniform costume for boys is available at Amazon if you’re just looking for a basic costume.

This shirt comes in a boy’s S, M, and L sizes (be sure to check the sizing chart, and order a bit large if you’re uncertain). It includes the blue uniform shirt, the Starfleet insignia on the chest, and the arm rank stripes, plus the usual black dickie. It also includes the black pants that are part of the uniform, but from the picture it is uncertain if it includes the boot-tops, and the description isn’t clear.

You’ll still need to add shoes or boots in black and a Vulcan wig and ears to finish off the uniform.

Sizing for kids can be hard, and the seller specifically cautions you to order a bit large if you are uncertain of sizing, because costumes like this tend to run a bit tight.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  B

Completeness Rating:  B+

Quality Rating:  B



Mr. Spock Costumes for Baby, Infant, and Toddlers

Mr. Spock costume - Infant and Toddlers

The Little Spock Infant and Toddler blue jumpsuit (or romper) will be a cute addition to your family’s Star Trek costumes. This costume, with an average rating of 4 out of 5, has earned reviews from some happy buyers. It is available in Baby size (0 to 6 months), plus Infant (sizes 1-2) and Toddler (sizes 2-4). It includes a one-piece jumpsuit or romper and headpiece that imitates Spock’s hairstyle and sideburns to finish it off. The jumpsuit uniform features black pants and an attached blue sweater with the screen-printed Starfleet emblem on the shirt. It also has the attached black dickie.

The only thing you’ll need to add is black shoes, and you’ll be set.

It’s a simple costume, with no problem areas like dangling capes, hot fabric, or extra accessories to keep track of.

Reviewers pretty much unanimously voted it “cute” although some had issues with the size of the headpiece for smaller baby heads. A few reviewers also found that the sizing was a lot larger than they expected based on age. My recommendation is to buy early, so that you can return it and find something else, or alter it yourself, to get the best fit.

If you’d like to order the “Captain Kirk” Toddler Costume, Costume Craze doesn’t carry it, but Spirit Halloween does, at a comparable price.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A-

Completeness Rating:  A-

Quality Rating:  A- (mainly sizing issues)

Spock Costume for Men

You can also find a Mr. Spock uniform costume for men in regular or plus sizes to complement your boy’s uniform costume. With a men’s Spock costume for Halloween, Dad will be a fabulous Mr. Spock Prime to take your child trick-or-treating.

Spock Uniform Accessories

For the best Mr. Spock impersonation, check out these Spock uniform accessories. You’ll fit right in with your Star Trek fan friends for Halloween parties or trick-or-treating. To get the best look for your uniform costume, pants and boots are essential.

And for the ladies who want to dress up in Medical or Science blue uniforms, be sure to check out the blue uniforms.

So if you’re looking for a Spock uniform for Halloween, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Mr. Spock ears and wigs as costume accessories and finish off your perfect Spock costume for boys.