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Clothing Accessories for Star Trek Uniforms

Use these Spock costume clothing accessories to finish off your Star Trek uniform costume for Halloween or the next Star Trek convention. A basic costume is just the start. For the best presentation, include some of these accessories to complete your costume or uniform. For the best look for your Spock costume, pants and boots are essential.

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I’m not going to go into great detail with a formal rating scale for these items. I’ll do a little summary of the reviews and specifications, but these really only need a quick look to see if they will be a fit for you. Of course, any comments you’d like to pass on to me would be helpful in keeping the content up-to-date.

Spock Uniform Accessories – Pants

Some Mr. Spock costumes and Star Trek Blue Uniform costumes require pants. These are a solid match to the pictures on the site.

Black Disco Pants as uniform pants – Adult size and Adult Plus size

Black pants for Spock costume accessories

If you’re looking for the perfect flared-bottom pants for your Spock costume, you’ve found them. These black pants are reasonably priced and come in Men’s sizes 30 to 46. Buyers indicated that the ordering and delivery process was quick and easy, and the quality and sizing was excellent. Due to his height, one customer did have to hem the pants to get a good fit. They are a little long, which makes them great for going with black boots in your uniform.

With mostly high ratings, only a couple of people were grumpy in their ratings, and it was mainly due to their irritation about hemming the pants, which are designed long to allow for different heights and leg lengths as well as platform or high shoes or boots. Most felt the quality and value were a good match.

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Spock Costume Accessories – Shoes or Boots

Pretty much all of the costumes do not include shoes or boots for the wearer. While you can certainly make do with something similar that you’ve got at home, Amazon.com has done a nice job of providing some Star Trek styled boots and shoes as Spock costume accessories that work well with the costumes.

Men’s Black Chelsea Boot

Black loafers for Spock costume accessories

These Chelsea Boots are a good match for boots for your Star Trek uniform. They are available in Men’s sizes 7.5-10 (also in half sizes) and 11-13 (in full sizes). They have an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 and are made out of man-made materials. Amazon.com recommends that you try them out for comfort before wearing them around because once worn down, they can’t be returned due to obvious wear. For a less expensive option you can try these Chelsea Boots as an alternate choice; however, they have yet to be rated by customers.

Shazam Child Black Boots

Shazam Black boots for Child Spock costume accessories

The Shazam black child boots are great as Spock costume accessories. They come with a great 5 out of 5 rating (solid 5 stars from everyone), and are available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large). Shazam boots are great Hero boots with a 1/2-inch heel for a little lift, a raised trim cuff, and faux leather material for a spiffy look.

These are a solid pair of boots, and the kids often remarked that the boots were their favorite part of the Star Trek costume. One mom also mentioned that Amazon.com really exceeded even her high expectation yet again. Amazon.com, in my experience, really tries to over-deliver.

Gogo Black Women’s Boots – The Next Generation style

Gogo black boots for women costume accessories - TNG style

The Gogo black boots are a little more circumspect than the Arena ones, but also a very nice boot. They come in sizes 6 to 10, and have a slightly shorter heel at 3 inches. They use a side zipper for closing, and have cleaner lines, which makes a solid fit with the Next Generation and Star Trek movie style costumes.

With an overall rating of 4 out of 5, and mostly higher ratings (just a couple 2 or 3 types that I saw), the positive reviews mentioned great comfort as a big factor in their rating. They serve quite well as a basic black knee boot and can be used at other times than just for costumes. Price to value was another commonly-mentioned item and most felt they were well worth the price for what you got.

One caveat, though. Be sure that you order a size likely to fit. The calves run a little tighter in this boot, so if you have big calves, you might not get a good fit in “your” size. Also, they are high boots, so if you are really short, they might come up above the calf, and even as far as below the knee.

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Other Miscellaneous Costume Accessories

These are pretty basic add-ons to a costume, but both of them really do add some significant value to your experience with your BuyCostumes.com costume. I’d at least consider the wig cap if you are doing any kind of wig, and the black undershirt if you are going with a Spock costume that has the neckline in black.

Wig cap for a Vulcan or Mr. Spock wig

Wig cap for Spock costume accessories

The Spock costume accessories list of recommended add-ons includes this wig cap. A good wig cap keeps your hair in place and improves the fit of the wig. This one gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating from over 150 buyers, and the single size will fit most head sizes and ages. You can contain both long and short hair under the wig cap, and also get it in a Nude color for blonde or light-colored wigs.

One buyer mentioned that this item was as good as a wig cap she bought from a wig shop for twice the price, so buyers think it is a good value. Reviewers call it durable, long-lasting, and a huge time-saver. Others mention that it is great for difficult hair like dreadlocks or flyaway hair.

Wig Cap and Wig Tip: To prevent excessive sweating, fluff your head with talc or baby powder before putting the wig cap on.

Customers in a very large number of ratings mentioned how good the wig cap is for keeping long, unruly hair in place and for hiding long, light-colored hair under a darker wig. Or vice versa. This is wig cap is definitely worth the investment.

Star Trek Black Undershirt

Black undershirt for Star Trek and Mr. Spock costumes

This black undershirt isn’t the cheapest out there, but it’s a good example of the style of t-shirt that you can use as a costume undershirt if you prefer it to the dickie, which many do.

In general, people find something like this to be a strong addition to the men’s costumes because it improves the look and line of the Spock costume neckline area. You just want to make sure it it lightweight in fabric and breathes well, so you don’t swelter with the extra layer.

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Other Spock Costume Accessories

In addition to pants or tights for women, be sure to consider Spock ears and a Spock wig for Vulcan or Mr. Spock costumes. A Starfleet phaser is also a good addition to round out your costume.


You can certainly accessorize your costume with favorite items you already own or might want to borrow from a friend. However, you’ll get a good match at the site with the style of Star Trek Blue Uniform costume accessories or Spock costume accessories.