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Under all circumstances, you should conduct your inquiry, often called “performing due diligence,” prior to buying any service or product from any person or company on the Internet. Your inquiry should be performed for all services or products offered for sale on this site, any other website online, or by email sent or forwarded to you.

Layman’s Summary of this Document::
I earn commissions from services or products I review or mention on SpockCostumeWorld.com or in any email I send out. This includes links to other sites that pay a referral commission. It is this work that allows me to afford to provide you with the valuable free content on this site. I want to remain totally open and transparent with you on this matter. So I’m going to state right out that I earn part of my living from affiliate marketing and you can expect to see some affiliate links on my website. If you purchase through my links, I receive commissions.

Legal Version:

Section 1: Disclosure of a Material Connection

Unless the owner of this site explicitly states otherwise, you should assume that any references to services or products mentioned on this website are included in the website because there is a material connection in existence between the owner of the website (“Website Owner”) and the seller of the services or products (“Seller”).

Section 2: Potential for Bias and Need for Your Due Diligence

It is possible that part of the Website Owner’s opinions and comments about a service or a product could be influenced – either subconsciously or consciously – because the Website Owner has been or could be compensated in light of the Website Owner’s business arrangement with the Sellers.

In certain situations, the Website Owner and a Seller will have a personal or business relationship that does not include the Seller compensating the Website Owner for services and/or products mentioned on SpockCostumeWorld.com. Because the relationship still constitutes a material connection between the Seller and the Website Owner, this should be taken into account. Any time a material connection exists between the Website Owner and a Seller of services or products mentioned on SpockCostumeWorld.com, it is important that you expect that the Website Owner could be biased due to this relationship or because the Website Owner has or might receive something of value from a Seller.

Always conduct your own necessary level of due diligence prior to a purchase of any service or product discussed or referenced on this, or any other, website.

Section 3: Recommendations in Good Faith

The Website Owner mentions and recommends services and/or products at SpockCostumeWorld.com and via email based partially on a Good Faith belief that purchasing these services or products will help the purchaser in some way.

The Website Owner bases this good faith belief on two factors: a) the Website Owner has tested the service or the product in whole or part before promoting or mentioning it, or b) the Website Owner has performed research on the online and offline reputation of the Seller or tried other services or products offered by the Seller and has decided to positively recommend the Seller’s services or products based on the history of the Seller in offering these or other services and products.

The comments, representations, and reviews provided by the Website Owner about any services or products are the Website Owner’s truthful opinion and are predicated upon his or her known facts at the time the service or product is referenced on the website. Under certain circumstances, he or she may also provide negative recommendations based on evaluation of the services or products. This in no way disparages or devalues the service, product, or owner/creator of the service or product; it is simply an evaluation and opinion of the Website Owner based on offering valuable content to allow readers to make their own decisions with these additional opinions.

Section 4: Website Owner Compensation

The Website Owner may receive several different types of compensation, including, but not limited to, the following examples.

In some circumstances, the Website Owner may earn complimentary services, products, prizes, or monetary compensation from a Seller prior to, or after, mentioning the Seller’s services or products by email or on SpockCostumeWorld.com.

Other forms of compensation may include a monetary affiliate commission or some form of non-monetary useful compensation when you act because of the discussions, references, or recommendations on SpockCostumeWorld.com. This may include, but not be limited to, your purchase of a service or product from a Seller after following an affiliate hyperlink on this Website Owner’s site or in an email from this Website Owner.

Section 5: Your Concerns or Questions About Services and Products Mentioned

The Owner’s intention is to create a pleasant, useful, and informative experience for you on this website. If you have any concerns, questions or comments about any service or product discussed on SpockCostumeWorld.com, please feel free to email the Website Owner for help with these questions prior to purchasing or subscribing to any services or products.

Section 6: Headers and Section Titles

All headers and section titles are for reference only and do not constitute part of this legal document.

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Last Updated: August 15, 2010

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