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Starfleet Phaser to Add to Your Mr. Spock Uniform

You should definitely consider a Starfleet phaser to complete your Star Trek uniform costume. You’ve got three different basic phaser choices, so choose the one that best complements your Halloween or Star Trek convention uniform.

Starfleet Phaser — 2009 Movie Style

Starfleet phaser in Movie style

This Starfleet phaser is designed to match the 2009 Movie style and it looks sleek. Overall reviews are 4 out of 5, with a couple of 3 star reviews and then 4 and 5 ratings. Stun, heat and disrupt Nero to win the day…

The phaser is made out of light plastic, but is still durable. And it makes noise (not too loud though), so watch out. If you are looking for a fun costume prop, this is a winner as it looks great with the costume. But if your kids will drive you nuts with a noisy Starfleet phaser, you might want to think twice.

It’s pretty silly but even the adults reviewing this weapon for use with the costume seemed tickled by the fact that it made noise and was such a great price.

If you are price or availability shopping, you can also find this phaser at Spirit Halloween, Halloween Express, Costume Craze, and HalloweenCostumes.com.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A

Completeness Rating:  A+

Quality Rating:  A-

Starfleet Phaser – The Next Generation Style

Starfleet phaser in Movie style

As good as the Movie version phaser is, this TNG phaser is even better. It’s a couple of dollars less, pleasing to the eye, and has an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

Like its cousin, the TNG costume weapon makes noise, and requires 2 AAA batteries to fire away.

With only one 3 Star review and lots of 5 Stars, this is a good bet. Sound effects are really good, it’s lightweight but plenty durable, and even fits in the holster from the original series line. It’s less expensive than comparable products elsewhere, and one reviewer said it looks even better than the picture

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A

Completeness Rating:  A

Quality Rating:  A

Starfleet Phaser – Classic Original Series Style

Starfleet phaser in the Original Series classic style

With a similar price point to the TNG version, the Classic Starfleet phaser is a nice prop. While not quite as popular as the first two, with an average ranking of 4 out of 5 stars, many still like it. The different color had one fellow pretty irritated and another had some technical issues with the battery cover, but overall those who rated its look and feel for their Original Series costume seemed happy.


Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  A- (limited ratings and some uncertainty)

Completeness Rating:  A-

Quality Rating:  A-

Romulan Disruptor for Nero – 2009 Movie Style

Romulan disruptor versus Starfleet phaser

This Romulan disruptor is a little less expensive than it was, but it’s still a great prop. Styled in the same fashion as the Movie’s Starfleet Phaser, it’s got a cool grip and look to it.

Unfortunately, nobody has submitted a review of this costume prop, so social evidence is missing at this juncture. Since this comes from the same line as the Movie Phaser, I’d suspect a similar quality to this prop. It has the same general colors, and I’m likely to trust it on that basis as it matches the “theme.” If you’re going to be Nero for Halloween or a party or convention, you need this essential prop weapon for your Nero costume.

Costume Review Scorecard

Overall Rating:  Coming Soon

Completeness Rating:  Coming Soon

Quality Rating:  Coming Soon

Other Costume Accessories

In addition to your Starfleet phaser or Romulan disruptor, you may also wish to add other items to complete your costume. You might consider a Mr. Spock wig, Vulcan ears, or some of these other uniform items besides a phaser to round out your perfect costume for Halloween or Star Trek conventions.


Amazon.com has the most authentic phasers to complete your costume, so be sure to check out the choices on this page for a Romulan Disruptor or a Starfleet phaser.