Spock Costume Reviews

Star Trek: Mr. Spock Costumes

Spock Uniforms from Star Trek

A Mr. Spock costume is the perfect starting place for a Halloween costume or Star Trek convention uniform for fans of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Vulcan first officer. Be Starfleet’s first Vulcan officer ever as you don a Commander Spock costume for Halloween or wear your Spock uniform to a Star Trek convention.

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Mr. Spock Costume for Men

Represent the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet’s Constellation class flagship as you transform yourself into the perfect Vulcan with a Mr. Spock costume for men, and add a Mr. Spock wig and Vulcan ears to finish off your uniform.

As First Officer and Science Officer for the Enterprise, wear a Star Trek science officer uniform and offer Captain Kirk your flawless logic as Mr. Spock for Halloween. Live Long and Prosper with a great Halloween Spock costume, complete with pointed Vulcan Spock ears and a distinctive hairstyle with a Mr. Spock wig.

Join the bridge crew of the Enterprise and wow your friends with your amazing logic and Vulcan poise. Practice Mr. Spock’s calm delivery of the facts as you prepare for your next Star Trek convention. These authentic Star Trek uniforms will make you a real hit at your next UFP party.

Grand Heritage Spock costume

Grand Heritage Spock costume

Be the best Mr. Spock possible with this great top-of-the-line Grand Heritage blue science officer uniform Spock costume. Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before with the perfect uniform shirt. Add a Starfleet phaser to finish off the perfect Halloween costume or Star Trek convention uniform.

View more details on adult Spock costume choices and choose your favorite.

Stand out at Star Trek conventions as a Vulcan science officer or Chief Medical Officer. Practice your Vulcan salute and phrases – Live Long and Prosper and the answering Peace and Long LIfe so you can wow your friends in your uniform at the fan convention.

Boy’s Spock Costume

Mr. Spock costume for boys - Deluxe Movie style

You can also find Mr. Spock Vulcan costumes for boys, as well as infants and toddlers. With a boy’s Spock costume for Halloween from BuyCostumes, SpiritHalloween, CostumeCraze, and other online costume sites, your child will be a fabulous Mr. Spock while trick-or-treating. Better yet, do the Vulcan family routine and dress up Dad and child as Spock Prime and Spock.

View more details about child Spock costume possibilities and choose the perfect Halloween Spock costume for your infant, toddler, or child.

Star Trek Uniform Accessories

If you really want to do up your Mr. Spock impression right, check out these Mr. Spock uniform accessories. You’ll fit right in with your Star Trek fan friends for Halloween parties or at the next Star Trek convention.

And ladies, if you are dying to dress up in Science or Medical blue uniforms, check out the blue uniforms in this section.

So whether you’re looking for a Spock costume for Halloween, or Mr. Spock uniforms for a Star Trek convention, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our Mr. Spock ears and wigs as costume accessories and finish off your perfect costume.